X-Ray Vision Coming Soon?

X-Ray vision, chances are you’ve been craving this super-power since childhood.  SkyNews out of Australia published a report earlier today indicating that American scientists are well on their way to achieving just that. According to my notes on the article, MIT professor Dina Katabi has developed software that takes variations in radio signals to recognize human silhouettes through walls.  MIT claims the technology is intended for safety applications like monitoring children and the elderly but, as uncle Ben famously said, “with great power comes great responsibility”.

Interestingly, the article disappeared shortly after it was published.  Naturally, this can only mean one thing:  The US Government requested the retraction!  While I’m only kidding, I can’t help but wonder.  Regardless, in there may soon be a need to line our walls (or clothing) with reflective materials.

X-Ray specs 3

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