Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling

Eat your heart out Game of Thrones..

Ahoy hoy!  Everyone jumping for joy that Game of Thrones is back? I watched the first episode and even though we waited a (hella) long time for this season….. it was a good episode as its setting everything up for what supposed to be some major $%^$ going down this season. Now, lets compare this primetime cable show to a another type of entertainment. Good OLE WRASSLIN! ….err Sports Entertainment (LIVE) as its called today.

Waiting for a payoff, we know how that can be, right wrestling fans?!?! Watching your favorite character rise up in the ranks only to be sidelined by injury, or an unexpected opponent on the road to the championship title. That journey on that road can be years in the making and stretch to a decade of ups and downs! This “somewhat-mostly-accurate educational parody film” by Max Landis below, has a great example of a certain popular character in the WWE and the crazy story lines they were involved in. All the superstars in the video are portrayed by hot women so that helps moves the video along if you have a short attention span. (Watch out for some special cameos from the movie and wrestling industry)

My point is… before knocking wrestling for whats on the surface, look underneath, and understand that it has been telling epic stories much longer than your GOT, Sopranos, and your Melrose Place. The pacing may be a slow burn for some, but its live, and anything could happen on the fly. They need to get it right the first time to get the story across. There are no retakes. To really experience the magic, you need to experience it live and not in the living room. The video can paint you a picture.


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  1. If ever there was a sport the captured the social events of the time, it has to be wrassling!

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