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On Tour Brewing Company

Saturday night my wife and I were the very lucky recipients of a sleepover offer from my parents.  They kindly took our two year old son overnight so we could enjoy some fine dining, throw back a few adult beverages and attempt to sleep in the following morning.  The adventure began at Blue Nose Brewery where we met John for a craft beer trade, a couple on tap and some mighty tasty, food truck (forgive me as I don’t recall their name) chicken Bahn mi tacos.  Then we continued on to one of Chicago’s newest breweries, On Tour Brewing Company

Located at 1725 W. Hubbard Street, this newcomer has plenty of available street parking and is only a few blocks off the Green line Ashland stop.  Normally we would have taken the train but since we already had dinner plans in the burbs we decided to drive, only have a couple (sometimes I surprise myself) and be responsible adults.

As we walked through the front door, there was not an open seat to be found.  Patrons bustling about with their craft brew of choice.  A deceptively large space consumed by fanatics of the scene, just like my wife and I.  As we made our way to the taps, four bartenders were greeting each customer with the same pleasant smile and demeanor that we received upon our first pours.  While we waited some kind individuals who were already comfortably bellied up passed us a menu to peruse.  The most notable approach they took was 4 different size options.  If I’m remembering correctly, $2 for 5oz tasters, $4 for 10oz pours, $6 for 16oz pints and I can’t recall how much per pitcher.  We each had two 10oz fills and then were off to dinner:

  • Willow Sky (Belgian rye) was easy drinking with enough interesting elements of the Belgian yeast esters playing against the spice rye character.
  • Silly Grin (sour) was strictly for my wife as I can’t accurately comment on the style because it just hasn’t grabbed my attention, yet.
  • Lightning Will (German pilsner) was quite possibly the best pilsner I’ve ever had and my favorite of the visit.  I honestly do not care much for this style either but it was crisp, clean and plenty floral from the menagerie of German hops.
  • Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (coffee stout) had bold espresso notes on the aroma and flavor with enough malt backbone of a medium to high gravity stout.

All in all this was a lovely experience and I wish we could have spent more time on site.  Also, did I mention that they’re running (not sure how long) a 3 crowler (32oz sealed aluminum can fill) special for only $21!  Most breweries charge $10 each so get down there while it lasts!


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