Secret Aardvark Hot Sauce

Here at Page Of Man, we enjoy hot sauces just as much as the next blog.  But why report on the same stuff you’ve been reading about elsewhere?  Lucky for us, a friend recently came back from a trip to America’s hipster capital, Portland, OR.  On his travels he noted a hot sauce that appeared to be as abundantly available at the local greasy spoon breakfast joints, as Tabasco.  Tabasco is fine and dandy but tastes mostly like heat with a dash of vinegar.  Secret Aardvark Trading Company brings a more balanced hot sauce approach to the table.

When I think habanero, I think my pale white skin won’t be able to tolerate the imminent spicy notes which are about to reach my tongue.  Well folks, I was wrong.  This hot sauce reminded me more of a Mexican variety which provided a fine balance of savory notes and heat, without completely masking the desired flavors of the pizza, scrambled eggs or whatever food item you decide to put in its path.

Scrounge together $8 and put your order in for a nice treat from the Pacific Northwest.  You won’t be disappointed!

Secret Aardvark

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