ZVE Outdoorsman Case

Still stuck on a Christmas gift for the outdoors person in your life?  Well, look no further than the ZVE Multi-Function Case for the iPhone 5/6. I ordered this case as a gag, but the joke was on me when I wound up enjoying the case too much.  So what’s so special about this case and what makes it the ideal gift for an outdoors person?  Well, to begin with it has a nice rugged design with non-slip rubber sides and corner bumper guards designed to absorb the shock of a drop (please note, this being a grassroots blog, the iPhone was not dropped once) and the edges of the case extend onto the face of the phone providing a bit of additional protection.  The depth of the case makes the phone easier to grip yet still comfortable to hold.


What really makes this case interesting, and contributes to the added depth, is the integrated tripod mount, bottle opener and lighter.  Yes, bottle opener and lighter.

Imagine, you’re stuck in the wilderness, thirsty and cold. You come across an unopened bottle of Perrier.  You’re parched, but you know better than to try and crack off the bottle cap as that could lead to glass shards in the water. Built right into the upper half of the case, the steel teeth of the bottle opener will certainly come in handy.  As an additional bonus, this feature could also make you the star at any tailgating party.  Forget about those cheesy  hacks of popping off a cap using a seatbelt latch or door lock loop.  This case gives you an integrated app for that.

zve-case-detail zve-opener-detail


Back in the wilderness, night begins to fall – you really need to get a fire going.  Sure, you’ve gotten enough ideas from all the survival shows you’ve seen.  But if you’ve forgotten matches or a fire stick or just can’t spend your energy rubbing sticks together then, the integrated lighter will most certainly come in handy.  Simply unlock and pull down on the latch to reveal the life-saving glow.  Gather a handful of dry grass, and get an ember going. zve-lighter-detail

All in all, this has been a fun case to own.  It’s a great conversation starter (and fire starter) that elicits smiles, groans and the occasional offer to buy it from you. The case has its own battery so you’re not draining your iPhone during use.  The downside: you’ll need to use the included micro-USB cable to charge the case.


Order one on Amazon.  For iPhone 6/6s – $18.99* , For iPhone 5 – $13.99*, still arriving before Christmas.

*Pricing as of 12/21/2015