License plate sticker PSA


So our vehicle plate sticker expired last month, and I completely forgot about it.  I searched, in vain, through my overlooked mail pile for the annual renewal form (image below for those new to car ownership in Illinois).  Turns out, the Secretary Of State didn’t mail out renewal reminders this year due to the budget stalemate in SpringField.  That’s just really pathetic.  The more you read about our state’s budget crisis, the more frustrated you’ll get.  Learn from my mistake and avoid the late fees, don’t wait for a renewal form that will not arrive.

NOTE:  If you need to renew, try using the CyberDrive site and avoid the Currency Exchange “convenience fees”.  Hopefully, the state has enough money to keep government websites running.   Click here to renew your plate sticker online.

Update:  You can also register on cyberdrive to receive an email notification when your plate is up for renewal.