Pink is the new calm

Thanks to the many episodes of the Crocodile Hunter on Animal Planet, we know that covering the eyes of these creatures triggers a response that makes them more sedate and thus more cooperative to handling.  Apparently, the same concept but, in a fashionable sense, can be used to calm athletes and, perhaps, the rest of us.

Vollebak’s pink hoodie is designed to make athletes calm by turning everything in their view a shade of pink.

Between 1979 and 1987, a series of psychological experiments demonstrated how just 15 minutes exposure to a colour named Baker Miller Pink could suppress violent and aggressive behaviour in prisoners and delinquents, calming their minds and tranquilizing their muscles.

POM note: I can think of one cowardly group in particular that could benefit from this hoodie.

Replicating the exact colour of the original tests, the Baker Miller Pink Hoodie is built for the high-pressure waiting periods in adventure sports and expeditions when the ability to relax can be the key to success or survival.