The dawn of man, the age of man, the page of man.

Page Of Man

The dawn of man, the age of man, the page of man.

The Jump

Television from the “across the pond” is taking celebrity reality to an entirely new level. A downright deathwish under the guise of a winter sporting event. But, I somewhat enjoyed watching the falls, the spills the agony of defeat. I’m talking about The Jump; a British television series that follows celebrities as they try to master various winter sports including bobsleigh, speed skating, ski cross, giant slalom and a ski jump.

Mike Tindall, a retired English rugby player, took a fall on the ski jump;   worry not, his nose was previously broken.  If this is your kind of entertainment, you can catch-up on the demand at Britain’s Channel 4.  Better yet, keep an eye out for the inevitable American cross-over edition.  Maybe we’ll be treated to a season of high-flying Kardashians.  Ugh, shudder the thought.



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