Release your inner van Gogh

Pokemon Go is all the rage these days, but if you want to spend your free time in a more creative way, then you’ll do better downloading Prisma.  Few apps have stopped us dead in our tracks; let alone bring about a sense of artistic accomplishment like Prisma has.  In a few short minutes, we were generating unique editions of our pictures (camera roll and live).

The process is easy and fun: snap a picture, cycle through a series of curated filters, save the result or publish to Instagram – easy-peasy! The app is free and includes enough filters to give your images a unique look.  You’ll have to work in the older “square” format but, that’s a small tradeoff given the end results.

By default, Prisma watermarks the images you render. However, this feature can be turned off in settings: click on the gear icon, disable the “Enable Watermarks” option.

Time is precious, and pictures speak louder than words so, here are our Prisma images; download the app and release your inner artist.