Holiday Train

When Zep, a friend, and contributor to the site, told me earlier this month that she was going to hunker down and await the Holiday Train,  the first thing that came to mind was the CTA Holiday Train.  Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed though I have to admit, it has become brighter in recent years.

2015 Sprint CTA Holiday Train


A few chuckles later, she clarified that it was not the CTA train, nor a Metra train she was hoping to catch.  She was after the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train.  It’s a once-a-season opportunity event to catch.  For 16 years, the CP Holiday Train has been raising funds and stocking pantries for the 150 communities it visits throughout Canada and the United States.  At each stop, the Holiday Train becomes an extravaganza; the “stage” car opens, and crowds are entertained by internationally acclaimed musicians belting out seasonal hits.  Catching the train sounds like a great way to kick off the Christmas season and has become a tradition for ZEP, and now having been introduced to it, may become a tradition in our family as well.  Thanks, ZEP!

For anyone left wondering if she caught the train, she most certainly did, outside of Gurnee, IL and shared the crossing with us:

Here is the official Holiday Train video: