Chicago Golf Show

The Chicago Golf Show is an institution and has become an annual tradition in the Midwest that is not to be missed.  In the typical blustery, snow ridden month of February, golf fanatics of all skill levels crave to be out on the course, and shave just one more stroke off their game.  But we must patiently wait (luckily this year, not quite as long due to Punxatawny Phil’s weather prediction) for the temperatures to rise and the fairways to soften.  Until then, there is only one place to seek shelter.  This sanctuary can be found on the first floor of the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.



Under one roof, the Chicago Golf Show has everything necessary to satisfy your hunger for 18 holes.  A free magazine subscription and round of golf as your first enter their doors.  Vendors as far as your approach shot, offering clubs, gloves, gadgets and apparel that even Rickie Fowler would approve.  Learn a thing or two from the pros via live demonstrations.  Try out your next driver at the new club swing area.  And last but not least, test your might at sinking Chicago’s longest putt.

Tom & Debbie Corcoran and their staff run a fantastic convention show.  Today is the last day to attend until next year so grab a cup of joe and bump & run down to the green.  The first tee time is at 9:30 and you don’t want to keep the starter waiting.  I have many fond memories from this event, and still have my first purchased club from nearly 20 years ago…

FORE (I should’ve yelled two…)!