Take It To The Limits

Ever wonder when our world will have a system in place to travel to other galaxies? After watching this fantastic video on our limits as humans, it makes me want to call up NASA and the other private space exploration companies and say, “Hurry up!” We were born at a good time to figure out the birth of the universe, and where it’s headed. It is a very difficult task to figure out long distance space travel, build the technology, and it unfortunately may not be accomplished in our lifetime.

If our species does indeed go the way of the dinosaurs, will the species who replace us be able to know that there was a big bang in the first place? Will those clues still be out there for them to find and continue the exciting adventure of reaching other galaxies?

Watch this cool video by the YouTube Group Kurzgesagt .  Don’t worry, you won’t be bored. Your mind may be blown a bit.