Karoshi is a Japanese word meaning death from overwork. The phenomenon was first identified in Japan, and the word is now adopted internationally. So why am I thinking about this late Sunday night when I should be in bed sleeping? Because I’ve been working throughout the weekend – and the work has not included anything meaningful. Heck, I don’t think it will advance my career in any way shape or form but, it will help me keep my job in this increasingly competitive world. Apparently, I’m not alone….The Concept of the Weekend is Dying….


So why are today’s workers increasingly finding it so difficult to just stop working? In a fragile economy, performing busyness can seem like a necessary survival tactic. Taking a weekend off might appear disloyal or even weak — a risk when everyone feels replaceable.


But the economy isn’t really that fragile….is it? The market is booming, home prices are soaring, gas is cheap and a bitcoin is worth 5 large. Where’s the fragility – other than finding a new job?! Unless it’s all some sick bubble economy – I mean seriously a bitcoin is worth 5 thousand dollars!? I’m old enough to remember the beanie-baby bubble of years past and, if that’s not, harbinger enough – consider the tulips.

Like all bubbles, the Dutch tulip bulb bubble continued to inflate beyond people’s wildest expectations until it abruptly “popped” in the winter of 1636-37. (read more)

Work, bitcoins and tulips be damed. I’ve ranted. I’m going to bed.