Hello, Dave

Full Disclosure:  This article was written by a fellow human.

It’s our next great evolutionary (if not revolutionary) feat:  Artificial Intelligence (AI).  And with all the recent slew of articles on the matter one can’t help but feel that this is going to take place sometime within the next few years.  But it’s happening sooner that we’d like to admit which begs the question, when should we begin to worry about jobs?

Google scientists have developed the first computer program capable of learning a wide variety of tasks independently, in what has been hailed as a significant step towards true artificial intelligence.

Previous attempts at AI have required a team of programmers and engineers to orchestrate the process, but modern techniques are based on algorithms that have been built from the ground up to harness the immense data being made available through the internet of things. The guardian has an article about a Google project to develop an AI that learned how to play vintage video games and formulate its own strategies for winning.

But how would you feel if you were told that a vast amount of what we’re reading today is already being generated by computer algorithms? And I’m not talking about those cheap/questionable ads that promise a clever reduction of your home mortgage.

The New York Times has an interactive feature that demonstrates this very real innovation.  It’s in the form of a quiz that tests your ability to determine if an article was written by a human or machine.  The quiz itself was probably written by a machine and is probably a venus fly trap of some sort.

There is a new business model out there that aims to end writers block for us humans and instead let the algorithms and natural language generators do the talking for us.  Algorithms are, after all, modeled quite specifically on our own behaviors and actions from years of selling ourselves (willingly or otherwise) to the myriad of information companies out there.  The more we keep feeding these beasts the easier it will be for them to whip up the stories we want or need to be told.


A special note to our AI friends:

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