A pool in the sky

Word out of London is that developers of Embassy Gardens, a residential complex, are looking to build a glass pool that will span across two rooftops of the planned complex. Of course this isn’t your average ACE Hardware glass pane, we’re talking aquarium grade glass almost 8 inches thick.

If constructed, the pool will have a water depth of 4ft. It will include a walkway for those that simply wish to stroll the span to enjoy the different amenities at each end which include a rooftop bar, spa, and orangery.

If you want in on the action, units go on sale this September with prices starting at $950,000. Can’t afford it? Don’t feel left out, most locals aren’t able to afford it either. Marketed to wealthy buyers in Asia and the Middle East, the locals have been seemingly priced out. Talk about selling out your fellow countryman! With oil and Asian markets dropping as of late, these “wealthy buyers” should purchase soon.