Making a Murderer

Are you among the few who still haven't seen this gripping series?

I am hoping I can reach the few who still haven’t watched Netflix’s new hot series Making a Murderer. I bet you have seen it show up in your Facebook and Twitter feed from your friends. There are 10 episodes of around 45-60 minutes each. All I will say is you will be seeing at least 3 episodes at a time, because it is the most gripping, and heart wrenching story you will watch this new year. You will be questioning, screaming at the TV, and feel helpless as you watch this series. Check out the trailer below.

When you’re finished with the series, check out the case dump here:

This has everything on the case from the transcripts, the who’s who with photos, and timelines. This should help fill in any holes or questions you have on the case.

You can also sign the petition here that has over 100,000 of the 150,000 entries needed.  Avery Petition

After you have checked all that out, come back and comment below on your thoughts on what you have just saw.

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  1. Can’t wait to go watch!

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