How Sweet It is….


There are no words to describe the joy of watching a team journey through the thick and thin with a stubborn owner, and then with his son, grab 3 championships in 6 years.  Blackhawks fans for as long as I can remember, my pals and I played street hockey through the 90’s – longing for their return to the spotlight never envisioning the dynasty that they have now become.  As adults, we’ve recognized that teams don’t just happen.  You need a great organization to get the right leaders, players and supporting staff to define this generation’s sporting legacy in such a short time.

Thank you, Bill Wirtz for making all this success even sweeter. Thank you, Rocky for making the necessary changes, and to go against everything your father would do. Thank you, Toews for your leadership, class, and skill. Thank you, the rest of the Hawks who have sweat and bled all over the ice. Thank you to the fans.

It is great to focus on something great and positive in Chicago for a few months of the year. The highs, lows, agonies and wins of the season are the hockey rollercoaster that brings us together.  The sea of red and black is a powerful image, today we are a nation of Blackhawks!  Tonight, while my blood pressure slowly returns to normal, I’ll be going through my closet sorting my Red & Blue’s and Black & White’s – hockey may be over but it’s time to get serious with baseball.  Sports, how sweet it is.



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