Fat Pug

Maplewood Brewing Oatmeal Milk Stout

Paul from Maplewood Brewing recently friended me on Untappd.  I thought that was pretty cool.  He must have noticed that I’ve tried many of their hoppy offerings via 22oz bombers and recently their 16oz 4 pack cans, thanks to my local co-op, Sugar Beet.  I may have even shook his hand a couple years ago when they were in their infant stages and we all tried their quaffable APA, The Charlatan at the Spring tasting hosted by Chicago’s own, Union Station (same room as the unforgettable scene in the movie, The Untouchables). But that’s not what we’re here to discuss today.

Last night I popped into said co-op for a couple essentials and couldn’t help myself.  I had to buzz the tower and peruse the craft beer aisle on my way out, as per usual.  Low and behold, a bomber from Maplewood which I hadn’t previously consumed, was sitting on the shelf.  Fat Pug (oatmeal milk stout) was looking me in the eye and said (just as in my favorite James Taylor song) “Don’t let me be lonely tonight.”  I rescued that precious pup and walked home.

This brew pours a deep black with a tan head.  The oats provide a silky smooth mouthfeel.  The lactose adds a sweeter element (since it isn’t fermentable by beer yeast) but certainly not overdone.  Overall the beer has a nice, malty balance but the only thing it is lacking (just like their lighter beers I’ve sampled) is body.  In my limited experience of homebrewing, that means mash higher next time.

Here’s to dark beers this frigid January.  Cheers!

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