Old School Tavern and Grill

If you revel in frequenting different pubs and taprooms as often as we do at Page Of Man, you likely, still prefer to have one spot deemed as your personal Cheers.  Well our favorite location in Forest Park is Old School Tavern and Grill.  I remember the first time my wife and I walked there just over two years ago.  It was a balmy, Fall evening so we decided to sit outside in their cozy beer garden.  Immediately the menu impressed me both with food & beverage selection and even more so, the fair prices.  Many sandwich offerings under $10, smoked meats, poutine and a very serviceable craft brew list.  Comfort food with some modern twists and libations as far as the eye could see.  In an instant, a sense of warmth set in.  I was home.

As we were enjoying an appetizer and a couple adult beverages, the owner took notice in our picks and popped over to chat.  We discussed for a few and I specifically brought up a beer I had a hankering for and sure enough he told me it was on deck, but he was waiting for another keg to kick.  Moments later he returned to our table with some taster glasses on the house, to speed up that process.  That touch of hospitality was etched in stone and I’ll never forget that experience.

I’d be remiss though if I didn’t provide a few recommendations.  It may sound simple but I have ordered their smoked chicken salad sandwich, umpteen times.  Their fries are (I believe) hand cut and always on point (my son Wyatt agrees!) and nobody can compete with $5 burger night!  The patties are hand packed, cooked to the temperature of your choosing and my favorite extras (additional $1) are provolone cheese and green chiles (for a little heat).  Their staff is cordial, the atmosphere is family friendly and the bathrooms are always immaculate.  Old School has become a staple in a very competitive landscape.  My folks (who have spent more than half their lives in the restaurant business) look forward to meeting us there for dinner at least one if not two Wednesdays a month.

So what are you waiting for?  Add Old School to your repertoire today.  You can thank me later.

Old School Tavern and Grill

201 Desplaines Avenue

Forest Park, IL  60130