Groceries and a tat

Late last year we talked about Target applying for a Consumption on Premise liquor license at its Streeterville location.  A move that they hope will attract more customers, younger customers.  Now Whole Foods is looking to attract local independent businesses, friends, to “mix things up”.  They’re calling on boutiques, record shops and tattoo parlors to share space with the produce and food in a new venture called 365 by Whole Foods.  Heck, we may even see a vape shop in there.  Hmm…maybe a Page Of Man Cafe!


Whole Foods plans to open a 365 location in Evergreen Park soon. If you’re a start-up or an established small business that can “bring something powerful, something new and exciting, or known and trusted, but hip and cool for sure,” you’re the type of friend they’re looking for.  More information on the 365 by Whole Foods website.