Free Tex Mex Breakfast….Ehhhhhhhh

Skip the Dunkin’ and then head to Taco Bell on Cinco de Mayo, and get a free Texas Biscuit Taco. They are calling this ‘Breakfast Defectors Day.’ You can choose between one free sausage or a bacon Biscuit Taco to fuel your morning from 7am to 11am at participating locations. If you haven’t noticed their advertising lately, Taco Bell is trying to steer you into their restaurants to try their breakfast items. Subway started some years ago, it seems to be doing alright for them. I think this is a good change as I believe most of their traffic is in the evening, and at night when the bar flies leave their watering hole, and the stoner’s step a way from their Call of Duty session for some greasy snacks. Now the elderly have a reason to come in to read their Tribune. It will be ANARCHY!!!! Eat your heart out McDonalds.

Comment below if you have tasted their new biscuit taco.