Delta Diner

The other night my wife, son and I were enjoying an evening for dinner over at my folk’s place.  My Pops and I were reminiscing about Muskypalooza and of course the Delta Diner came into focus…

Jeff, one of the fine fellows among this manly trip had put a bug in our ears about an establishment, one tucked away, like a diamond in the rough.  We had already conquered the 6.5+ hour ride to the northwoods of Wisconsin, why was it necessary to travel further, we questioned.  Well, for starters we were on a mission to catch the biggest musky alive! In order to achieve this insurmountable task, we ventured another hour north, just shy of Lake Superior.  Turns out our luck with fishing guides over the years isn’t the greatest and we needed some shelter/warmth from the drought of a morning…

The Delta Diner was immaculate, as we entered the front door.  This quaint but calculated restaurant was clean enough to eat off the floor.  Our lunch was quite tasty but you know what goes leaps and bounds beyond a good meal, is superb service.  I spent a few years in the industry and my Pops has been engulfed by it most of his life.  Our server Mary, read us the verbal menu which was memorized in great detail.  I don’t recall what I ended up with that cold afternoon but I remember that my Pops relished his BLT with fresh caught perch on top.  The icing on the cake (more like filling in the pie) was the completely unnecessary but delicious slice of homemade pie we had for dessert, which complemented the local brews we were sipping from South Shore Brewery (from Ashland, WI) quite nicely.

So if you ever find yourself man enough to fish the Northwoods waters or happen to be passing through, make no mistake.  Delta Diner should be a part of your itinerary.  The experience is unmatched and the comfort of feeling at home is unmistakable.