Whiner Beer Company

April weather in Chicago (should come as no surprise to those who have lived here long enough) is volatile.  We experienced sunshine & 70 degrees on Thursday and I sort of enjoyed my first weekday lunch break outdoor run of 2018.  But when the weekend arrived, the temperatures dived and rain fell from the skies.  Thankfully the forecast inside a taproom was clear and calm.

Yesterday afternoon my wife, son (like he had a choice) and I decided to try out a new-ish brewery in the Back of the Yards neighborhood.  Whiner Beer Company is nestled in an old meat packing warehouse building.  Their neighbors consist of Plant Chicago (non for profit sustainable energy, food production and material reuse organization), Four Letter Word Coffee, Bike A Bee (urban farming initiative) among others.  The most notable homebody is Pleasant House Bakery, who conveniently provided some of the most delicious wood fired, thin crust pizzas I’ve ever devoured.  But that isn’t what we’re here to discuss today…

Whiner specializes in barrel aged wild ales.  I’ve never been a fan of sours and likely never will be, but these guys manage to garner some fandom with me.  Maybe it was the serene setting or their choice selection of tunes exuding from the front exposed JBL bookshelf speakers.  Either way, I think we all can agree that hearing War’s “Spill the Wine” mid-afternoon, really turns things up a notch.

For those not seeking the more eclectic craft brews such as wild ales or Belgian styles, Whiner offered Curb Cutter.  This easy drinking, German style Kölsch was light, crisp, had just a touch of fruity esters (from the yeast, which is appropriate for the style) and should satisfy all palates.  I highly recommend you visit the Back of the Yards neighborhood and give these guys/gals a pour.