Betsy Beer

The Mile-High club just took on a whole new meaning

Hong Kong-based carrier Cathay Pacific is launching Betsy Beer, the world’s first hand-crafted high-quality bottled ale brewed “to be enjoyed at 35 thousand feet.

Known for its strong focus on the in-flight dining experience, Cathay Pacific has noted that cabin pressure and altitude can affect a passenger’s taste buds and has teamed up with Hong Kong Beer Co. to develop Betsy Beer. Created to taste great in the air and on the ground.

Named after “Betsy”, Cathay Pacific’s first aircraft, a Douglas DC-3 which flew passengers around the region in the 1940s and 1950s, Betsy Beer will be first served to First and Business Class passengers onboard flights between Hong Kong and destinations in the United Kingdom – Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester – from 1 March until 30 April 2017.

Betsy Beer’s carefully constructed recipe, with ingredients sourced from the U.K. and Hong Kong, has been developed accordingly, for passengers to enjoy an outstanding one-of-a-kind craft beer at altitude. “We know that when you fly, your sense of taste changes. Airlines address this for food in certain ways. But nobody has ever tried to improve the taste of beer at altitude. That seemed like a great opportunity for us to help our beer-loving passengers travel well.” says Cathay Pacific’s Julian Lyden

Betsy Beer

One of the ingredients is Dragon Eye, a relatively new fruit outside of China. It’s a unique characteristic of the beer and adds to its round, rich, textural properties while floral notes are the result of honey added during the brewing process. Fuggle hops, a mainstay of traditional British ales, give Betsy a pleasingly earthy and full-bodied flavor.

The airline’s customer-centric ethos puts the needs of passengers at the heart of every decision it makes as it strives to provide an exceptional experience at every stage of the journey.

Betsy Beer will be on Cathay Pacific flights operating on routes to the UK, Betsy Beer will be available at ground level at the airline’s lounges in Hong Kong and Heathrow.

Perhaps now would be a good time to take that trip to the U.K.  Though, I’ll have to keep the level of dedication Cathay Pacific places on its passengers in mind the next time I’m on United, cramped in coach, trying to open a bag of peanuts the flight attendant tossed my way.  Cheers.

Grab a handful of nuts, and read the full press release here.

Betsy Beer and Nuts