The Dojo

Last Saturday afternoon, Dave and I took a quick ride out to the newly opened Pipeworks Brewing Company bottle shop.  That is exactly what it was…nothing more, nothing less.  Three years in the making and unfortunately all we could consume on premise were two free, 1oz pours.  At least the choices were some of their finest offerings (two of them being barrel aged options), but needless to say, I was underwhelmed.

We pulled into the parking lot which was ample and free.  Always a bonus.  We walked through the front door and gazed upon the production facility as well as approximately half a dozen folks in line in front of us.  The viewing/purchasing space for customers felt like less than 10’x10′.  There were two employees that assisted all patrons efficiently.  One handing out clipboards and pencils so we could tally up our desired beer/merch and the other ringing us up at the register while pouring our samples.  The experience was fine (only lasting 5-6 minutes), I was just hoping for some more exclusivity (if we’re splitting hairs here, we technically had first crack at their newest DIPA Devil Firefish which was going to be distributed to the masses the following Monday) as my local liquor store already carries most everything that resided behind the counter.  Unless they expand and offer full pours, I likely will not return and continue to pick up their suds at the store down the street.