My Favorite Fall Beers

I’m sure we can all agree that Autumn is here and oh what a glorious sight befell my eyes on the last trip to Binny’s. Case upon case of Octoberfest brews stacked atop each other – a warm wall of fall color.

While this time of the year brings us scores of brews to sample, the following are my top three favorites.

Let’s begin with my absolute favorite: Great Lakes OktoberFest.
This brew was my introduction to the craft beer scene in the then dark hollow of Brixie’s in Brookfield. It’s a moment in time forever captured in an amber pour with notes of toffee in an otherwise sweet malt that finishes with a touch of spice. For the adventurous reader with culinary chops, you can also cook with it.


Second on my list: Sam Adams OctoberFest.
I like to accompany a gourmet burger with a pint of Sam Adam’s Boston Lager. But in the fall, I switch over to Sam Adam’s Octoberfest. Notes of caramel, toffee and a crips pour cleanse and please the palate between bites.


Third but, in no-way least, HailStorm’s Autumn Reaper.
‘Tis the season of pumpkin-infused everything – beers are no exemption. You’ll find a plethora of pumpkin brews but, Hailstorm’s Autumn Reaper is, hands-down, the best.
Born of pumpkins & spice and everything nice with graham crackers thrown in for good measure, this beer is further enhanced with cinnamon, ginger and vanilla. A creamy pumpkin pie of a beer that you absolutely shouldn’t miss.


This is a very short list of all the great brews out there for the autumn season. So head out and grab a pint or splurge on sixer. Welcome the season and prepare yourself for the ports and stouts that will arrive shortly – winter is coming.