Metal Monkey Brewing

On the heels of their first anniversary I thought it was appropriate to finally post something on Metal Monkey Brewing.  I’m married with a 2 year old, so the chances of me venturing that far from home are slim.  But when it comes to breweries, you can easily twist my arm as I’m a craft beer fanatic and my thirst for something new and different likely will never be quenched.

My Page of Man pal Stoney lives down the street from Metal Monkey and had urged us to visit as he’d been following and supporting them, since their infancy.  My wife, son and I had previously popped in quickly for a couple rounds while on the way to a family party, one town over.  We enjoyed ourselves but didn’t linger long enough to really drink in what the brewery was all about.

My wife works every Sunday so I’m in charge of the little man.  Well, after reading all week on social media about their Misfits and Gravy brunch (typically an overhyped meal) event, I couldn’t take it any longer.  My son’s bags were packed and we set our course for Romeoville, IL.  Unfortunately for me, he fell asleep minutes before we arrived at Metal Monkey.  Luckily Stoney was on premise at the same time and scored us a high top in the back.

After a quick snooze, we stormed the front door and gazed upon a healthy, wall to wall crowd.  Stoney flagged us down and we set up camp.  Even though this was an all ages event, I’m almost certain I was the only one who brought in a toddler.  But not for one second did I feel awkward.  We immediately put in our order (eyes are slightly bigger than my stomach) for biscuits ‘n gravy, thick cut bacon and the Seibel Slinger.  The food was delicious and nicely paired with Up and Atom (brown ale with coffee) and the loud tunes in the background.  Twas a match made in Heaven.  But I still haven’t revealed my favorite part about our experiences at Metal Monkey

I’ve been extremely fortunate to pay homage to many breweries both near and far.  But no other has given me such a strong feeling of community.  I know we’ve only been there twice, but both outings had a sense of togetherness and friendly camaraderie between patrons, brewers, bartenders and chefs alike.  It was like hanging out at your favorite bar but with way better beer.  Speaking of, I’d be remiss not to quickly touch on my favorite one from that Sunday Funday.

I wish I could have stayed to try them all so Burninator is what I purchased to go.  This German style doppelbock poured a dark ruby color that had brilliant clarity (which isn’t captured in the picture above).  I’m unsure if Metal Monkey has brewed lagers previously but this was easily the best brew I’ve had from them.  Bursting with rich, malty goodness, they nailed the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) style.  My only complaint is the growler (64oz) price tag for a howler (32oz) pour.