The dawn of man, the age of man, the page of man.

Page Of Man

The dawn of man, the age of man, the page of man.

Lived Up To The Hype

Think that waiting in line at the crack of dawn to save a few bucks on a Black Friday special is for the birds? Yeah, we do too. Unless of course you’re talking about Goose Island Bourbon County Stout. And I’m not referring to the normal (yet still amazing) formula that comes in 12oz four packs. I’m talking about one of the sought after bomber sized variants, Vanilla Rye.. 

This almost 14% brew pours jet black, has caramel, chocolate and toffee on the nose while finishing unbelievably smooth with a balanced combo of vanilla sweetness (not too much since it was aged 5 months) and rye character/spiciness. Dare I say this beer has too much going on? Either way it was amazing and a perfect precursor to the overpriced fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao. Even though Goose was bought out by one of the big guys, they still produce beers worth waiting in line for. Cheers…

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