Hats Off To Tampa Bay

One of the greatest traditions of all professional sports is when both teams line up and shake hands after the concluding game of the Stanley Cup Final.  My teammates and I exchange a good game, head nod and high five (not Top Gun style) with our opponents after every 16″ softball game.  Why you only witness this kind of respect and class in the NHL is beyond me but, it’s proper sportsmanship at its finest and right now the world needs a bit more of that.

Page Of Man extends our courtesy as native Chicagoans, to fellow Tampa Bay fans and dwellers.  The Lightning were fast, efficient and well matched against the Blackhawks.  In order to honor our adversary, I toasted with a few delicious beers (that I was lucky enough to score off a friend from homebrew club) from their hometown brewery, Cigar City Brewing (lesser known in the Midwest) .

Maduro Brown Ale (English brown ale) had a caramel and toffee nose as I poured into my 5 Rabbit glass (if you recall from a previous post, these two breweries made a wonderful collab brew, El Bizaron).  It had a light to medium body and was crisp but not overly bitter, making you come back for another sip.  Brown ales do not receive enough love in today’s modern craft brew society.  They tend to be very drinkable and pair well with many food dishes.

I would be remiss if I also had not mentioned one of their flagships, Jai Alai IPA (American IPA).  Cigar City prides themselves on balanced beers (just like in the Midwest) which is why I was fond of this IPA.  It poured a lovely golden orange (almost matching the orange on the can) and had a sticky/dank aroma, from the Simcoe dry hopping schedule.  At 7.5% and 70 IBUs it darn near fell into the DIPA classification but was amazingly approachable.

Hats off to the Tampa Bay Lightning and Cigar City Brewing.