The dawn of man, the age of man, the page of man.

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The dawn of man, the age of man, the page of man.


I’ve been following Off Color Brewing since damn near inception.  Their founders branched away like other highly skilled brewers from Goose Island, around the time they were snapped up by one of the big three (now two).  What I admired most about Off Color (even before I began homebrewing) was their simple yet eclectic and rustic artwork on their tap handles and bottle labels (always black and white).  After engrossing myself in the rapidly popular hobby I’ve respected that their brews generally were lesser known styles or different approaches to such styles, setting themselves apart in the feverishly growing industry.  One of my go to favorite ales to sip in the Spring is their part altbier, part honey brown ale, Scurry.  But that isn’t what we’re here to discuss today…

One of their Fall/Winter 4 packs is a Belgian quadrupel (BJCP refers to as a Belgian strong dark) ale known as Growl.  Something I’ve always commended them on is that their label tells you exactly what malts, hops and “secret ingredient” are in the beer.  Perhaps it is the homebrewer in me that appreciates they would allow you behind closed doors, and give you the framework to one of their personal projects.   The luscious libation pours a rich, plum color that is somewhat viscous but with minimal head retention.  On the nose I breathe dark fruit tartness (from the dark candi sugar/syrup and Belgian yeast).  At first sip I get fig sweetness, but what disappoints me is the medium body.  In my opinion, it was more like a higher gravity Belgian dubbel, but lacking body.  Still dangerously quaffable for the style but I was hoping for more oomph and octane.  Just another guy’s opinion…



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