Goose Island Refunds

To our loyal fans,

Each year you stand in long lines in the cold to get your hands on Bourbon County Stout and the special variants. This is beer that we hope is shared on special occasions, or maybe even makes the occasion special. Beer that we truly hope helps strengthen bonds and makes lasting memories.

That was posted on Goose Island’s blog back on January 8th.   If you’ve recently purchased a Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout or a Bourbon County Barleywine that just didn’t taste right, it could be that your particular batch was, well, botched during the barrel aging process. There go the hopes of strengthened bonds and memories.

All of our beer goes through a very thorough quality oversight process including sensory and microbiology programs.  This by no means is a guarantee of success especially with barrel aged beers. Both of these beers have drifted out of their target character thus leading us to provide refunds for anyone who is unsatisfied with them. Anyone who would like a refund for 2015 Bourbon County Coffee or 2015 Bourbon County Barleywine, please contact us at 1-800-Goose-Me.

Unfortunately, that refund does not extend to the completely lackluster Goose Island Fulton Street Blend Coffee Ale.  Branded as a “Rich coffee flavor & aroma in a golden ale”,  only the golden ale part is fitting.  There may have been a hint of the coffee aroma but no taste of the cherished drink.  In fact, my senses may have been tricked into thinking I smelled coffee by the arresting image of a Coffea, coffee plant, on the label.  Regrettably, without the coffee flavor, the beer itself is just a notch above a regular Budweiser in taste.


I had high hopes for this brew but, alas, I walked away unimpressed and uninspired – so much for the bonding, lasting memories mumbo jumbo.  It’s a sad day for POM reviews when the highlight of a tasting is the coaster.  Think I’m wrong or completely off-base? Chime in via the comments section.