Dino S’mores

Off Color Brewing

If you’ve been keeping up with Page Of Man, you know we’re fans of Chicago’s own, Off Color Brewing.  They take lesser known yet classic styles and brew them beyond the BJCP guidelines.  I’ve written about possibly my favorite from their arsenal, Scurry (altbier), and Troublesome (part gose, part American wheat ale) but today’s focus will be zeroed in on likely their most elusive four pack, Dino S’mores.

This beast of a Russian imperial stout is not your run of the mill for the bold flavored style.  It is brewed with graham flour, marshmallow, molasses, cocoa nibs and vanilla bean.  Off Color breaks the boundaries yet again with an adult beverage that reminds you of your fondest childhood memories.  As you pull off each sip, I can’t help but reference the scene from one of my favorite movies, The Sandlot.  “You want a s’more?  S’more of what?”  Anyways, this tasty treat is hard to come by these days but I wanted to take note as baseball season is darn near upon us.  If you can locate a four pack at this point in the season, cheers to you my friend and play ball.


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