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You may have heard of Jimmy Fallon hitting the bottle heavily this year according to reports.  He has been partying heavily and falling down and injuring himself a few times (almost lost a finger). According to people that have known him for awhile and even since the SNL days, he is known as quite the partier. It happens to the best of us, but when you are the host of a top late night talk show….(cough-The Tonight show-cough) you should be worried about your physical health, and trying to keep that network show number 1 through the fall. All eyes are on you and maybe you should just buy a six-pack of some porters, and stay home so you don’t fall and break your neck. Again, the stress is great at that level in Showbiz, so its an easy way to blow off some steam. We love you Jimmy, party safe.

Any who, below is a video of some college bros having a bash in Bloomington Indiana back in 2002. Clearly, Jimmy doesn’t know where he is, (but hey, its Indiana, he should be partying in Chi-town) and he gives some motivational words to the camera for some guys little brother. Then it takes 5-6 minutes for some tunes to be put on and well, Jimmy and crew are about done with this shindig. Chuck E. Cheese has more Party Rock then this lame party. There are gems all over the video. Jay-Z finally playing, the faded Marino jersey, the lonely spinning light on the ceiling. Title of the video is misleading and should just say ‘Jimmy Fallon shows up and drinks a beer and uses the bathroom in Bloomington’





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