Cringe Worthy and Throwback Thursday Post of the Week

First wrestling post for POM!

It delights me to come across old video gems of the wrestling past. I can finally see what probably went over my 8-year-old head in these videos. Today, this video takes us to the surfer days of Sting where he was with a feud with Vader. There were some promo movies they did leading up to their PPV match at SuperBrawl in 1993. For some reason, Sting has to go all the way to the Rockies to visit Vader and Harley Race for a Strap match at the White Castle of Fear (basically a brothel).

Watching this makes you feel what would happen after a drunken night out at the Industrial night clubs. You have hookers eating fruit and staring at you weirdly, a little person yelling at you to ‘play the game’, and a big white dude grunting at you before a little game of tug of war. It has to be a friendly game of a strap match because there is a lot of laughing by Vader and Harley Race. You trust them right? Why couldn’t they do the tug of war game on the catering table back at Disney World back lot where they taped the wrestling shows at the time? Oh well, they don’t make them like these any more.


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