Closing out the day Listen

Closing out the day

It’s been one of those crappy days.  Nothing seems to have gone according to plan.  There was no “business as usual”.  I was hoping…

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Music Defined Art

Music Defined

What does music mean to you?  For me, it is something special.  From the moment it resonates in my eardrums, I am transported to…

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Twist and Shout! Featured

Twist and Shout!

What a great early Christmas present from….. the Universal Music Group! They own The Beatles’s catalog of music, and they are finally being released on nine…

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Support The Arts Listen

Support The Arts

For approximately two years (and counting), public radio station WDCB 90.9 FM has been #1 on my dial when commuting to and from work…

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Watch out Vinyl! Listen

Watch out Vinyl!

There is still a demand out there for the analog sound that comes out of a cassette. You may see this option available from…

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