Nerf John Wick

If you are looking for an excellent action movie series, hit up John Wick. The 2nd installment just came out a few weeks back. Keanu Reeves and a bunch of weapons; mindless [Read more...]

March 19, 2017

Pine Needles…Everywhere!

If you grew up in the Chicago area, you know, appreciate and likely adore all films from the repertoire of the late John Hughes.  I struggle to name my [Read more...]

December 27, 2016

Holiday Safety

I’ve been a State Farm customer since my mid-teens and though I sometimes question the antiquated policies they operate under, they’ve been there the couple of [Read more...]

December 21, 2016

RIP John Glenn 1921-2016

Credit: NASA A Veteran…an Astronaut…a Senator…an American Hero. John Glenn passed away today in a hospital at age 95. He lived a full life of adventure that [Read more...]

December 8, 2016

Motor Row Brewing

It had been a long day at the office.  We’ve all experienced them before.  To quote one of my favorite bands (Huey Lewis and the News) “I was taking what [Read more...]

September 3, 2016

Bros for life!

….or in this case Sistas for life! This reminded me I need to watch PBS and Discovery more. I always dig the nature shows especially the underwater creatures. Do they [Read more...]

August 30, 2016

MRE Taste Tests

Remember your Gulf War buddy or your crazy Uncle who went to Nam who loved those MREs (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) that everyone hated? They would stock pile them, enough for a [Read more...]

July 25, 2016

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