Metal Monkey Brewing Drink

Metal Monkey Brewing

On the heels of their first anniversary I thought it was appropriate to finally post something on Metal Monkey Brewing.  I’m married with a…

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Growl Drink


I’ve been following Off Color Brewing since damn near inception.  Their founders branched away like other highly skilled brewers from Goose Island, around the time…

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West Town Newcomer Drink

West Town Newcomer

Saturday night my wife and I were the very lucky recipients of a sleepover offer from my parents.  They kindly took our two year…

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The Dojo Drink

The Dojo

Last Saturday afternoon, Dave and I took a quick ride out to the newly opened Pipeworks Brewing Company bottle shop.  That is exactly what…

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Fat Pug Drink

Fat Pug

Paul from Maplewood Brewing recently friended me on Untappd.  I thought that was pretty cool.  He must have noticed that I’ve tried many of…

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Motor Row Brewing Drink

Motor Row Brewing

It had been a long day at the office.  We’ve all experienced them before.  To quote one of my favorite bands (Huey Lewis and the News)…

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