Back to the future day

But are we in the right timeline?

Great Scott! It only took 1.21 gigawatts but, it’s here, it’s finally really here.  It’s October 21, 2015; the date that Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled forward to in 1985’s Back To The Future II – today, ladies and gentlemen, is the future.  In our timeline:

  • Mattel has yet to produce a hover-board though Lexus gave it a good shot.  There exists, however, an enormous drone that you can ride through the sky, so that’s kind of like a hover-board, right?
  • The Cubs have made the playoffs…we’re hoping out for a miracle.
  • Big-screen teleconferencing found it’s niche in the business world but, at home, we’re more comfortable with FaceTime.
  • Time-travelling DeLoreans?  Nope, not yet available. But, Tesla’s feature an insane acceleration button.
  • Virtual Reality headsets? Why yes, we do.  In the movie, Marty McFly the third sported a fancy pair of JVC glasses that resembles Virtual Reality headsets from Oculus.
  • Jaws 19 has yet to be released, we do have several Sharknados though.
  • Best of all, flux capacitors can be had for $24.99!


So celebrate the future! Hunker down in front of your favorite media device and stream, (in 2015 we don’t “watch”), the Back To The Future trilogy!
Tip: Amazon Prime members can get the trilogy on Prime Video.   While you’re at it, enjoy a Pepsi.

As for Jaws 19, looks like Universal has made the trailer available:



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