Whiner Beer Company

April weather in Chicago (should come as no surprise to those who have lived here long enough) is volatile.  We experienced sunshine & 70 degrees on Thursday and I sort of enjoyed my first weekday lunch break outdoor run…

WrestleMania 34 Weekend Predictions

AWWWWWW WrestleMania weekend! It’s finally here and what a jam-packed weekend of wrestling events! WWE Hall of Fame was last night, and what a bunch of great tear jerking and funny stories from the class of 2018. It runs…

Happy National Beer Day!

On this day, April 7th, we raise our favorite drinking vessels together to celebrate National Beer Day.  Here’s a quick synopsis courtesy of USA Today (read the whole article by clicking HERE): There is a historic element to the…

Odd Side Ales

Some of us are lucky enough to live in a world with first world problems.  There’s an abundance of delectable craft brew options and we don’t know where to begin.  Internet radio stations toggle from Tame Impala, and The…

The Music video to rule all Music videos

worlds most expensive SUV

Got $2 Million burning a hold in your pocket? Then feast your eye on the Karlmann King – the most expensive SUV in the world: It’s billed as a high-end custom made SUV….

This is one creepy doll

Walking among a row of gravestones can be a stressful event for those looking to pay respect to a loved one. The last thing you’d want to see is a creepy doll sitting amongst them staring at you;…

Terrifying Minutes On A Skilift

Terrifying minutes as skiers were hurled into the air after a ski lift in the country of Georgia malfunctioned and started going rapidly in reverse.

Science Rules