Ride that drone

Most readers have, by now, seen the Lexus hoverboard Slide in action.  A real world representation of the very fictional hoverboard made famous by Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) in Robert Zemeckis’ Back To The Future.  Unlike the fictional version, the Lexus Slide leaves much to be desired as it only hovered a few inches off the ground and required powerful magnets in the track to accomplish this.  Now, I’m not downplaying the incredible science, engineering, and use of superconducting materials that went into the making of this thing, but it’s those very elements that put a product like this far beyond the reach of the masses.  So it’s no wonder that someone decided to tackle the hoverboard using a different approach and the result is something the Green Goblin might approve!

This gem was uncovered while working on this post.  Looks like the army had a similar device, the Hiller Flying Platform,  back in the 50’s.



Well, this post has turned into quite the multimedia experience – the following video show the Lexus Slide, above, in action as well as a behind the scenes video on the technology that made this work.  Watch and be inspired.