Cringe Worthy Post Of The Week – Rahm


This video reminds me of some Jim Croce lyrics.


You don’t tug on Superman’s cape / You don’t spit into the wind / You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger / And you don’t publicly announce Rahm’s family vacation plans


Big bad Rahm in this video lets Mike Allen have it during this exchange at a Politico Playbook breakfast event in Chicago. From the looks of it, Rahm’s wife Amy is going to tag in and give him a piece of her mind too. Sheesh. You know Mike will be getting his car towed to an impound lot tonight. Rahm seems to be under some pressure and on edge hmm. Well if you were in a coma the past few weeks, Rahm will be in the news for some time now unfortunately for other issues that you can read here ( To Serve and Protect).