It really was a lovely day

What a way to launch Page Of Man movie reviews!  Masterpieces like this don’t come around too often so, to offer any spoilers would be as shameful as insulting George Miller directly.

Chaos. Mayhem. A memorable line of dialogue. The three essentials to a modern summer action blockbuster.  Mad Max Fury Road speeds past all three and manages to keep you buckled down in the passenger seat for a two-hour non-stop-action road trip through the wastelands of a post apocalyptic future.  You’ll gasp, you’ll cringe and your inner twelve-year old will be giggling with glee.  Once the credits roll,  don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting more.  Whatever your plans are this weekend, make sure they’re scheduled around Mad Max Fury Road.


Perhaps I will offer just one spoiler, more of a suggestion really, watch this movie in a theater with quality sound. Quality seating will be helpful as well. If you find yourself near Yorktown mall in Lombard, give the AMC Theatres a try.  All seats fully recline, and the sound is just short of deafening.

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