Second breakfast at McDonald’s

We’ve heard rumors the past few months that McDonald’s was looking to offer all day breakfast in its restaurants.  After what we imagine were successful trials in select markets, all day breakfast is no longer a rumor!  The menu change has been approved by franchisees and affirmed by their leadership council.   For many, the days of rushing out to grab your favorite breakfast sandwich before the cut-off time will soon be over. But, think of the new possible menu combinations like a two cheeseburger meal with a hash brown instead fries. A sausage McMuffin with fries, or a Big Breakfast with Hotcakes, a hash brown and a side of fries.  A Big Mac with your Fruit and Maple Oatmeal?  No Problem!


McD’s may have let us down when they declined the “McWhopper” collaboration with Burger King now however, I feel like a Hobbit, craving breakfast all over again. Second Breakfast (Ba-Da-Ba-Ba-Ba) I’m Loving It!