Exit Strategy soft opening 3/7/15

Exit Strategy Brewing Company – 3/7/15 soft opening

Like a kid on Christmas morning, I was giddy to attend the soft opening at Exit Strategy Brewing Company in Forest Park, IL. Repurposed wood and furniture all throughout. Growlers from other Chicagoland breweries converted into lanterns, hung over your head, along with a massive skylight window.

My wife enjoyed their sessionable witbier, Apologize, while I sipped on Valleaudated. It was categorized as a milk stout but for me, the roasted barley shined through more than the residual sweetness from the lactose. Either way, it felt appropriate for the afternoon of the Forest Park St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Attendance seemed to far exceed the brewery’s expectations. The kegs kicked only 90 minutes after they opened their doors at 11:30am. I predict this establishment will create a lot of buzz when they officially open in April. At the very least, my wife and I will be there as we already signed up to be mug club members! Oh, did I mention they also have a full kitchen and will be serving food?!?