The Aviary

Ever had a drink out of one of these (Porthole Infuser)? Most likely the answer is no. Well my wife and I recently had a rare opportunity for a night out while my sister in law watched our four month old son. We went for pre-dinner libations at a lounge brought to you by the folks who own three Michelin star restaurant, Alinea.

As we dropped off our car with the valet, he pointed us down a hallway towards The Aviary. There was no sign (at least that I saw) but when we walked inside, I knew, this was the place.

For how pretentious it first seemed, the staff was actually quite cordial. The menu reads from top to bottom, more frou-frou to more spirit based. There is a brief description for each but if you’re already here and know you’re going to shell out twice as much as you’d normally spend on dinner (just for cocktails), why not order from the limited choice but less daunting three course menu?!?

I won’t get into each individual, skillfully crafted beverage because they are a work of art and words wouldn’t do them justice. Yes, this is an expensive two hours of your weekend but you are paying for the experience so, put your smartphone away, use all five senses and live in the moment for once in your life. Who knows, you may just receive an invite to their secret, basement speakeasy, The Office…