Puni Italian Malt Whiskey

When you think of countries making a great whiskey, Italy has never really come to mind. But a new distillery in the foothills of the Alps is hoping to change that. South Tyrol based Puni Distillery recently released their first malt whiskey. The three-year-old whiskey, released in Europe in late 2015, is made from pure alpine water, locally grown grains and aged in American Bourbon barrels in warehouses formerly used as bunkers in World War II. The five-year-old upstart hopes to show whiskey enthusiasts that Italy can make a good whiskey that can compete with those from the U.S., Canada, Scotland and even Japan.

The Italian whiskey comes in either 43% ABV and 54% ABV variants and is priced at €59 ($64) to €154 ($168) respectively. No news if the whiskey will make it to U.S., but if it makes a good impression in Europe then the U.S. market should soon follow.