Pipeworks Over The Line

If you’re a fan of craft brews in Chicago then you’re familiar with one of the fastest growing, most sought after local brewery, Pipeworks.  For the last few years these guys were only available in 22oz bottles.  Recently they tweaked a handful of their house favorites and converted them to 16oz canned four packs.  I haven’t been as enamored as the others but they still bring plenty of quality, novelty and ingenuity to the table, with their bombers.

Over The Line is a Heaven Hill bourbon barrel aged version of Hey, Careful Man, There’s a Beverage Here! (imperial milk stout with vanilla beans, cacao nibs and coffee).  I didn’t perceive the complexity that you’d expect from a Russian imperial stout but that’s not what category this brew falls under.  Remember what I said about these guys, they think outside the box with this hybrid offering.  The dark brown liquid poured without any head but that wasn’t surprising because of the barrel aging and massive ABV rating of 13%.  For a high octane beer, it was smooth as a baby’s bottom, had a silky, sweet finish with just a touch of alcohol warmth.  So fire up The Big Lebowski, pour yourself one in a stout or snifter glass and mark it zero!