Motor Row Brewing

It had been a long day at the office.  We’ve all experienced them before.  To quote one of my favorite bands (Huey Lewis and the News) “I was taking what they’re giving ’cause I’m working for a living.”  More precisely my employer had me attending a conference at McCormick Place, back in May (yes this article is way overdue).  I was the lucky recipient of many all expenses paid evening invitations to happy hours, dinners, postgame cocktails and an exclusive Mavis Staples concert (fortunately for me, my wife, sister in law and brother in law saw her live, years ago at the Hideout Block Party) at the Double Door.  But truthfully, I had the most fun and felt most at home, when I walked through the doors of Motor Row Brewing.

motor row 2


I had previously consumed of few of their lagers while out to dinner with my family in La Grange at Nixon’s Eatery.  Having been impressed I was eager to reach the source and imbibe further.  It was fortuitous and almost fate that said conference I attended a few months back was only steps down an alley from the brewery taproom I was seeking.  Knowing that the following evening’s happy hour was coincidentally scheduled at Motor Row Brewing’s taproom, I had to gain a sneak peek the evening prior, just because I’m a beer geek and that is what I enjoy best.

motor row 1

A relaxed atmosphere which was pleasant and inviting as my co-worker and I sat down to enjoy a flight.  I quickly joined the conversation at the bar (even though we were minding our own business at one of the booths/benches in the back) as we talked about the selection and craft beer social media.  I immediately put my two cents in about my two favorite apps, Untappd and Beermenus.  By the end of our dialogue I had made a new friend on Untappd and met one of the owners/head brewer’s father.

Not only did I find myself surveying Motor Row Brewing’s layout the first evening, and attending an event the second evening, I even bellied up the third (Friday) afternoon, once my conference duties came to a close and the weekend was to commence.  That final day my intention was a quick one before boarding the green line home, but sure enough I was in the presence of the head brewer, so some casual conversation went from one libation, to three.  To expand further on the beer rather than my positive experiences, I would say their offerings are above average, are lagers (yes these are more difficult to brew than ales) and there’s at least one craft brew that would appease the palate no matter what skill set you possess.  Standouts for me were their flagship – Reclamation Lager (Munich Helles) and Fleetwood Black (Schwarzbier, which is a black lager).  I urge you to give the nice folks of Motor Row Brewing a go and actively seek out their offerings when out at your favorite, Chicagoland tavern.

Wishing everyone an excellent Labor Day Weekend.  This brewery certainly works hard and pays homage to those who did the same, back at the turn of the century, in our fine city.  Cheers!