Great Lakes Brewing Company

I’ve been a fan of Great Lakes Brewing Company for quite a few years.  Cleveland seems to have a stigma about them and unfortunately is used as the butt end of many wisecracks.  Well I can assure you, the beers they produce are no laughing matter.  Starting with a simple Dortmunder/Export lager, Dortmunder Gold is a gateway sud for those venturing into the craft beer world for the first time, or perhaps just want to pay homage to the hard working Germans when Dortmund was primarily an industrial city.  Two other year round favorites (especially for Autumn) are Eliot Ness (amber lager) and Edmund Fitzgerald (American porter).  And I would be remiss if I didn’t profess an honorable mention to quite possibly the greatest, seasonal winter warmer, Christmas Ale (spiced with honey, ginger and cinnamon).  They possess a bountiful spread of tap room only choices that I’ve unfortunately never experienced.  But that is not what we’re here to discuss today…

Great Lakes four packs are can’t miss offerings and should never be overlooked.  If you prefer a balanced brew just like we do at Page Of Man (along with the rest of us Midwesterners) look no further.  Today’s feature (which has a timely name/label) is Nosferatu (imperial red ale).  It pours a deep, blood/copper color, weighs in at 8% and has approximately 70 IBUs.  A decent hop aroma with a touch of caramel sweetness, this beverage is highly drinkable/balanced and finishes with a dash of rye spiciness/dryness to keep things interesting.  A perfect pairing for this time of year (well maybe not today since it is supposed to be in the high 70s), and I highly recommend.  Be on the lookout for their next seasonal four pack Blackout Stout (imperial stout) later this year and Chillwave (DIPA which is underrated and easily better than Bell’s Hopslam) & Lake Erie Monster (DIPA) in 2016.