Credit Where Credit Is Due

Samuel Adams is one of the oldest, privately owned, American brewing companies. Jim Koch began back in the 80s, well before the recent craft beer boom. His flagship is a Vienna lager modeled after his grandfather’s recipe, better known as Boston Lager. Roasty, flavorful and sessionable, these have similar characteristics that can be found in an amber. But that’s not what we’re here to discuss today.

Jim’s company has been around so long because he knows how to adapt to our world’s ever changing landscape. IPAs are not what Sam Adams is known for but with the popularity of hoppy beers, he’s created some IPAs and a DIPA, Rebel Rouser. Clocking in at 8.4% and 80+ IBUs, this is surprisingly balanced just like a Midwest style IPA that we love at POM. Hop flavors of citrus, pine and resin with enough of a malt backbone to level it out. Pay your respects to this pioneer brewer and grab a 6er. Cheers!